New Book Offers Five-Step Dating Process for Finding Your Lifetime Partner


Anyone who is tired of attracting Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and still wants to find Mr. or Mrs. Right need look no further. Renée Michelle Gordon has the answer for you in the five-step process she developed to find her own soulmate, and now she shares that process so others can do the same in her new book Finding Your Love at Last.

If anyone is experienced at finding love, it is Renée. She has actually been engaged nine times, but each time, she ended up breaking off the engagement before she went to the altar because she realized the man was not her perfect soulmate. She learned how to make herself appealing to men through online dating websites, but she also learned how to be discerning about which men she dated. When she began online dating, she was hoping to find six or seven potential suitors, one of whom would become her “love at last.” Instead, she was overwhelmed with men who wanted to date her. Using just one dating website, she received no less than 2,874 invitations to connect. With such overwhelming numbers, how could anyone pick the right man?

Well, Renée did it through a very careful five-step process. And since then, she has become a dating coach and shared her process with over 500 couples who have found lasting love, proof that her process definitely works. But she can’t help everyone who wants to find true love, so now she’s sharing her process in this book to bring it to a wider audience.

Renée walks readers through the entire process from how to create a winning online profile that will attract the right man or woman-and she reminds the reader that you’re only looking for one; it’s not a popularity contest-to how to weed out people from being your potential suitor, the questions to ask people on a date, how to interview prospective soulmates without making them feel like they are being interviewed, and definite things to avoid, such as dating in the workplace. She also warns us about potential red flags to watch for, what not to do on a date (such as go to a movie), and why you should have your first meeting with someone at a place like a coffee shop where you only need to commit to half an hour rather than agreeing to a two- or three-hour dinner commitment.

Renée’s process is easy to follow, and the discussion is enjoyable and entertaining as well. Most of the book is set up in an interview format in which Renée is interviewed by Peter Lisoskie, whose talk show host background helped make the questions engaging. Peter is also a human behavior expert who added to the conversation by discussing his own dating experiences and sharing his knowledge of neuroscience to explain how our brains act when we are looking for love. The result is a book that makes readers feel like they are listening in on two friends having a conversation in a coffee shop.

In addition, there’s a foreword by Jim Connelly, Renée’s husband of nearly fifteen years and counting. Throughout the book, Renée describes her and Jim’s relationship and how they determined that they were each other’s love at last and the process they went through to make sure that love would last.

While a lot of the book concerns Internet dating, Renée also gives tips on other places you can find love as well as how to connect with potential soulmates in social settings. The back of the book includes three special reports on How to Bring Back Your Mojo, How to Write a Winning Profile, and the Top 21 Dating Websites. These special reports alone are invaluable and filled with good advice. I especially loved the mojo one, which can help you feel sexier and more attractive so you are sending out the right vibe to attract Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Renée’s sparkling personality shines throughout the book and the discussion is filled with humor, but Renée will be the first to tell you that dating is a very serious process. She advocates for removing emotion from the equation at least in the initial stages so you go about choosing Mr. Right in a logical manner-otherwise he might turn out to be Mr. Wrong later. Nor is dating solely about sexual chemistry; it’s about finding long-term compatibility. Renée does not hold back any punches in telling it like it is so readers will be cautious and constantly keep their own best interests in mind rather than settling for the first person who comes along.

After reading this book and hearing the many stories Renée shares in it, I’m convinced that Renée’s five-step process will work if you use it properly. Reading this book will definitely be time well spent if you want to find your love at last.


Source by Tyler Tichelaar