My Method To Find Women Looking For Hairy Men – The Easiest Way I Know!


I have a guy friend who is immensely hairy. He suffered anxiety over it for years (through most of his twenties). And he is not the type of guy who feels comfortable getting waxed. He, in fact, likes his hair. He just feels anxious about how women receive it.

A short while back, we got talking and he told me how he now uses the internet to find women looking for hairy men.

These days, he always seems to be dating a different woman whenever I see him. So it must work pretty well.

I figure other hairy guys out there may be in the same boat that my friend used to be in.

This article is for you. I hope it helps you find women with a fetish for hair on men.

Most men in your situation will join a pricey hair fetish dating community. I write “pricey” because my research tells me that they range in prices that put them two to almost three times the price of just a conventional dating site. What I learn from chatting to my friend and other people is these sites also tend to have very small membership populations and tend, on the whole, to be populated with far more men than women. So, all considered, they represent a pretty bad choice for you.

So, where do you look online for these women looking for hairy men like yourself?

These days, major dating communities use matching technology. You may have seen the ads on television? This clever software takes your interests and attributes and finds relevant matches on your behalf.

The question is this: how do you take advantage of this software yourself? It isn’t entirely obvious, so let me explain.

First of all, create a profile on one of these sites (be sure to find one that offers free access to new members; the better sites give this to you).

When you make this profile, simply write down that you are a hairy man. Just write a brief description of your hair. And also write down that you would like to meet a woman with a hair fetish or, at the very least, a woman who just likes hair on men.

Now what you have just done is feed the dating software with everything it needs to match you with women looking for hairy men. These ladies will find you when searching on the site and you will also receive emails with relevant matches of the ladies you want to meet. Simple, easy, and very effective, yet little know.


Source by Angelina Andrews