5 Common Senior Dating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


As a senior citizen, you most likely have been out of the dating scene for a long time. To be successful in dating you need to avoid making these mistakes:

Sounding desperate

If your partner left you, you might be desperate for love, but you shouldn’t let other people know about it.

One of the things that you should never do is say that you are in love with a person that you just met.

It’s common to be excited of a new person in your life.

You can mention that the person is interesting to you, but you should never say that you love him/her.

Using the wrong dating site

Technology has made it possible to find love at the comfort of your couch.

While there are many dating sites, not all are right for you. Even if you are able to sign up to a dating site, it’s hard to find a partner as most of these sites are full of people looking for younger partners.

To increase your chances of finding the right person for you, you should research and find reputable dating sites for seniors. You should create an interesting profile and post your latest photo.

Being a Debbie downer

If you go through dating profiles on a number of sites you will find a good number of very negative profiles. These profiles are not only boring, they are also irritating. Even if you have gone through problems in your life you shouldn’t whine about it online.

People will have an impression that you are pessimistic thus stay away from you. To be on the safe side you should have a positive attitude and an open mind. Your profile should have positive information. You should also be positive when communicating with potential partners.

Giving up too fast

While online dating speeds up the dating process, you still need to be patient. Just like in traditional dating, you need time to meet the right person. Some people join dating sites and give up when they don’t get potential partners within the first week and month.

Remember that you won’t get your partner overnight. You should be patient, consistent and reach out to as many people as possible.

Being a liar

It’s tempting to lie on your dating profile or when chatting with other members, but you shouldn’t do it as the lies will always come back and haunt you. People contacting you depend on the information you have given on your profile; therefore, when you give the wrong information you attract the wrong people.

Aside from that, the lies on your profile will give you a wrong picture when your partner comes to know the truth.

While you should tell the truth, it doesn’t mean that you should give away all of your information. As rule of thumb you should never give away your personal information such as your work, phone number or residence. You should also be keen when chatting with other members and ensure that you don’t over share your information.


Source by Idd Aziz